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I'm a firm believer that with time and patience anything can be achieved and I really do believe that, I will try my best to document any discount's, freebies and special offers I come across on the web for various things that we all will eventually need at some point in time, do try to keep up.

Let's get this over with shall we!

Having a tough time finding the right insurance?

If you have been looking around for insurance that is affordable for yourself to purchase at a young age, insurance that you can pay for yourself instead of asking mummy or daddy then stop what you’re doing and read on, this information could benefit you.

There are many questions you could being asking, to name a few these could be in your mind, “where can I get cheap car insurance? I need cheap car insurance, really cheap car insurance”

You will get the same answers given to you all the time, over and over, which is, Gocompare, Comparethemarket and Moneysupermarket, all good internet insurance brokers but very pricey, I remember when I was shopping around for my car insurance and went through all of the mentioned websites filling out quotes and dreading the prices given to me at the end, I was so upset seeing figures of £2000 , £3000 , £4000 pounds with excess’s starting from £3000 if I were to have an accident, this was a mega put off and I literally almost gave up on the idea of me ever actually being able to afford a car myself so I had to go onto my parent’s policy and share our family car.

As you could imagine I was a 18 year old guy driving around a 55 plate fiat panda, I wasn’t in a good place, it sounds funny thinking about it now but I assure you it was not funny driving to places where my friends would be or having to pick up my younger brother from school, I was so embarrassed.

Anyway, a year down the line I started looking for cheap car insurance for new drivers and I did manage to find a couple of “internet brokers” well not quite a broker, but information sites, and they had a trend, all pointing me towards the same place, this was a comparison site, that I hadn’t come across before, to cut this story short I ended up finding an insurance policy for myself for around £1500, a whopping £500 saving on all the other policies I’ve ever been quoted on.

I had finally found a decent insurance provider, don’t get me wrong, I still believe that insurance premiums are such a rip off but all we can do is abide by the rules and carry on.


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